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the first chapter

Pattern Drafting for Fit and Fashion.
Revised for use in university classrooms!

Pattern Drafting for Fit and Fashion is a comprehensive, detailed textbook
to help students become proficient. University professors who use it as their text are satisfied they made the right choice. They praise the way students eagerly learn the fundamentals of pattern drafting so the class can move on to the book's more advanced designs.

Some characteristics of the book:

  • A General Rule draws attention to each principle when it is introduced. Students refresh their learning of the principles by studying
    the complete list of rules in the Appendix.
  • Evaluate Your Learning is the last page of each chapter with an advanced assignment on material from that chapter. The instructor can also add assignments about up-to-date styles.
  • The Learning Process in Pattern Drafting for Fit and Fashion
    is a plan developed by the author during her years of teaching. It is a
    specific system for mastering pattern drafting.

A step-by-step guide—a Learning Process that works.
The Learning Process was developed for classes where students constructed garments to wear after each new Basic Pattern was completed. That Learning Process has been adapted for classes that do no clothing construction. Both
Learning Processes—with and without construction—are included in the book.

Three of the many ways this textbook is unique:

  • First, instructions have matching diagrams right beside them.
  • Second, the book says “Back and front armholes are the same size but different in shape.” If you measure classic armholes on several women’s patterns sold by a national company, it is likely the front and back armholes will be the same size.
  • Third, the book doesn’t have “fashion drawings”. Its drawings simply illustrate the material. It is a textbook, not a fashion magazine. It can be supplemented by fashion magazines in the classroom. The drawings aren’t for a specific fashion cycle so this book will continue to be useful to students during their professional careers.

As an educator who wants an excellent text for every class, what is the best one for your apparel design class? Pattern Drafting for Fit and Fashion is the pragmatic answer. The material in the book was student-tested thoroughly. It works well so you can choose it with confidence.